Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Wordless Wednesday: Unhappy Maine Coon Cat

This Maine Coon is not too happy about the judge checking her out at a recent Cat Fancier's show in Springvale, Maine.

A Patriotic Cat Show: Maine Coons and more

A Patriotic Cat Show showcases the Maine Coon Cat and more Honoring our many veteran's groups from the Air Force to the Navy, to...

Monday MEOWsings: Photos from the TICA Westchester Cat Show

The following photos are from the 2011 Westchester Cat Show this past November. The Westchester Cat Show in White Plains, NY is produced by the...

TICA Junior Exhibitors to shape the future of cat showing

It’s never really to early to learn to become a future cat fancier. That's probably why The International Cat Association created the  Junior Exhibitors, ...