Thursday, February 25, 2021
Free Comprehensive Guide on Cat Scratching
Grabbing kitty's attention at2013 NauTICAts Cat Show

Wordless Wednesday: Grabbing kitty’s attention

This cat shows off his feline special-ness at the recent TICA NauTICAts Cat Show in Augusta, Maine, and this wand is grabbing his...
Beautiful cats is a great gift idea for the cat people in your life.

Beautiful Cats is alot more than just a book of stunning cat photos

Darlene Arden and Nick Mays' 'Beautiful Cats, Portraits of Champion Breed Preened to Perfection' is chock full of gorgeous pictures of show cat around...

NauTICAts TICA Cat Show showcases beautiful coons, Savanahs, Bengals, Orientals and much more

Cat shows are both entertaining and educational. Every year TICA (The International Cat Association) sponsors the NauTICAts Cat Show, the largest cat show in...
FLenny, a feral kitten, learned everything from humans

Cats are hardwired to reproduce; stop feline overpopulation by spay/neuter

February 23 is Spay Day USA Cats are hardwired to reproduce. They can go into heat every two weeks, and can a litter of kittens...

Can cats do tricks? Feline agility competitions prove they can

Can cats do tricks? Feline agility competitions prove they can. Paws was pretty amazed when we saw how easy it is to train cats...