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Savannah Cat participates in TICA cat show 15

Savannah cats look exotic but they’re not wild cats

Savannah cats may look exotic, but after almost 2 decades since the first Savannah was bred from a domestic cat and an African Serval, the cat has become a favorite domestic because of its unusual look and affectionate, outgoing personality. Mary Goehring, of...


Why be a cat show judge?…Cats keep us sane and centered

Why be a cat show judge? Paws asked Judges Mark Coleman of Delaware and Pamela Barrett of Oregon, that very question at The International Cat Shows (TICA) NauTICAts show in Augusta, Maine. Both love cats, but there’s a lot more to their stories. Coleman...

Forgotten Felines of Maine 6

Maine’s Forgotten Felines’ feral kitty wins tons of awards and a new home at NauTICAts Cat Show

A feral kitten winning tons of awards at the NauTICAt’s  TICA (The International Cat Association’s) annual show in Augusta, Maine is quite a feat, and one of which she and those showing her should be very proud. The kitty angels from Maine’s Forgotten...


Brush still gun shy 10 years after getting lost at Westchester Cat Show

It may have been almost ten years ago when Brush escaped out the back door at the Westchester Cat Show, but he still remembers that horrendous experience and even now is still gun shy, never quite recovering 100 percent from his two-week long...

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