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Cat overpopulation crisis could be averted by spay/neuter

There’s no doubt too many cats can come from one cat Cat and dog overpopulation is a huge problem, so much so that some animal advocacy organizations call it a national crisis, a crisis that could be averted by having your pet spayed...

Hurricane Irma Cat Heros 4

National Feral Cat Day, October 16, 2015: Evolution of the Cat Revolution

National Feral Cat Day marks its 15th anniversary on Friday, Oct. 16, 2015. Inspired by this year’s theme, Evolution of the Cat Revolution, supporters are committing to make their own evolution in working toward animal control and sheltering practices that protect the lives...

FLenny, a feral kitten, learned everything from humans 4

Cats are hardwired to reproduce; stop feline overpopulation by spay/neuter

February 23 is Spay Day USA Cats are hardwired to reproduce. They can go into heat every two weeks, and can a litter of kittens two to three times a year with up to six kittens in each litter, resulting in quite a...

Save Kittens – Support the Kitten Bill reducing cat overpopulation 2

Safety Tips to help Feral Cats as the temperatures dip

Imagine, the life of a feral cat. They live outside, in colonies. They are skittish if not totally afraid of humans. They deal with the bitter winter cold, and harsh summer heat. They must fend for themselves and their colony, for food, water...

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