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National All-American Pet Photo Day – July 11

July 11, 2021

All-American Pet Photo Day is an ideal time to share your cat photos with the world on social media.

What is National All-American Pet Photo Day?

National All-American Pet Photo Day is for us to share our photos of our pets, whether they be cats, dogs, hamsters, or even squirrels, birds, and reptiles.

Ginger Cat asks you to participate in All-American Pet Photo Day on July 11
All-American Pet Photo Day is coming up on July 11. This is a great chance to share your cat’s photo with the world on social media.

This holiday is all about celebrating our pets through photos. So, snap a photo of your pet and upload it to social media or share it with your family and friends. Since you’ll want to share a photo (or two) of your pet looking his or her very best, we thought we’d share some easy tips for holding a successful photoshoot with your pet.

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How to Capture Adorable Photos of Your Pet for National All-American Pet Photo Day

More often than not, pet photography requires a great deal of patience and creativity. It seems our cats know when we take out the camera, and they stop doing that cute thing and run for cover. At best, they stop and just look at you, thinking what’s that thing you have in your hand.

The first tip that Paws will share is to keep your camera by your side. If you have to run for the camera, kitty will get distracted, and you’ve missed the shot. They say the best camera to have is the one you have with you. So even if it’s your phone, keep it by your side so you can just pick it up to get the shot.

Paws found some interesting tips on How to Capture Adorable photos of your pet on the PetFirst Pet Insurance website that we’d like to share.

Use treats

Cats are motivated by food. Paws uses treats to bribe my cats for pictures and videos. Sometimes, it’s more successful than others. But, one thing is for sure, it gains their attention.

If you’ve tried to photograph your pet in the past you may have found that it’s tough to get him or her to look directly at the camera. Some pets are even a little camera shy and may feel intimidated by having a strange object pointed at them.

Treats can help redirect your pet’s attention away from the camera so that you can capture a great shot. Position the treat so your pet will look in the direction of the camera, and then snap the photo before he or she loses focus.

In the event of product photography, Paws places the treat right beside the product. For example, if it’s a water fountain, place the treat right next to the fountain. Your cat is likely to go up to the treat and sniff around. Once they get used to the water fountain, they will start to use it, and voila, a great photo or video.

If your pet is fixated on the yummy morsel you are holding he or she will probably have a very intrigued, focused expression on his face. This is much better than the look of worry or confusion that he might have if he or she was focused on the camera alone or while moving away from the camera to attempt to get some space.

Take lots of candid shots of Your Pet for National All-American Pet Photo Day

Some pets just don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera. They may be intimidated by the camera, or they may struggle to hold still long enough for you to snap a photo. This is especially true with cats.

If this is the case with your pet, candid shots are the way to go. You will probably need to take a lot of candid shots (and we mean lots) in order to get a truly great one, so prepare to spend a few minutes on this project.

A rule of thumb is that you shoot until you have a shot that shows what you want it to show. That could be one-shot or 20 or more. With digital photography, you can easily check to see if you have the RIGHT shot.

Engage your pet in an activity that he truly loves and then covertly snap as many photos as you can. The activity can be anything your pet finds fun or relaxing. This could be a game of fetch, a walk, or a snuggle session.Focus on capturing as many shots as possible. Doing this will allow you to have many options to pick from so you can cherish your pet’s pictures in their natural environment.

Use your zoom & move with your pet

If your pet becomes a little timid anytime the camera comes out, make use nice your zoom function. By taking shots from farther away you’ll be able to capture photos of your pet without making him anxious by sticking the camera in his face.

Zoom also comes in handy for keeping your equipment clean if you have a curious pet who likes to lick the lens!

However, keep in mind, your focus may go off a bit if you use zoom. Try to get closer to your pet, but sometimes there’s no other choice.

As your pet moves about, you can also keep your distance and move around the room with your pet – giving your pet space while still capturing some cute pictures of them playing and moving around.

Experiment with angles

To take photos that really stand out, try experimenting with angles.

Instead of capturing photos from your perspective or sightline, try to put yourself in your pet’s shoes. Get down low and snap photos of him from his level. Or, go lower and capture shots looking up at him!

Action shots are especially great when captured down low as the perspective draws the viewer right into the photo.

Use a tripod

While it may seem clumsy at first, a tripod will help hold the camera steady, especially if you are taking video. With a few attachments, you’ll find your shots get better, and it’s a lot easier to hang onto a tripod and move around than to hold onto the camera, especially a smartphone.

Remain patient

Photographing your pet can be frustrating at times. Whether your pet moves constantly, makes strange expressions or crowds the lens, it can be hard to capture a good image. Always practice patience and keep photo sessions brief. Plan to take as many photos as possible so you can have various options to pick through when looking for one (or two) you want to share.

As long as you keep your cool and snap photos of your pet regularly you’re sure to come out with some excellent shots that truly capture your pet’s essence and will have to share and treasure for years to come.

How to celebrate National All-American Pet Photo Day:

  • Dress up your pet and take them to a fun location to get that photoshoot they’ve always wanted!
  • If you have several pets, and they happen to be good friends, put them together and click away!
  • Get together with some friends at the park or at a house and have a few laughs as you arrange your pets for that perfect picture.
  • Make sure you share all of your marvelous pictures with those you know and those you don’t, using the hashtag below.

What is the hashtag for National All American Pet Photo Day? #AllAmericanPetPhotoDay

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Paws invites you to share your cat photos by either uploading them in our comments section (you can do that) or sharing them on our Facebook page.


July 11, 2021
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