Grieving Your Cat

Grieving the loss of your cat is painful. There’s no right way to mourn their loss. But it is okay to feel the loss of your special fur-family member.

It’s a process and it takes time.

As one grief counselor said, grief is not like climbing a mountain. You take some steps and it’s over.

Acupuncture can perform miracles on your cat

Our relationships differ. They are not the same. That’s why grief varies from one person to another.

Grief is a process.

With pets, and particularly with cats, grief is discounted as insignificant. People will say, ‘It was just a cat.’

Or, equally hurtful, ‘You can get another one’.

Another cat does not replace the fur-family member you just lost.

That’s why Paws Catosphere is writing an entire series about Grieving the Loss of Your Cat. We plan to incorporate these posts about grieving the loss of your cat into a comprehensive book on Grieving the Loss of Your Cat.

Coping with the loss of your cat, or any pet, is traumatic. When I lost my soulmate Linus, a traditional Siamese Cat in 2020 (as the world shut down because of COVID 19, I honored him by writing my first book, a humorous graphite novel about the dating game.

Posts will include:

  • What is grief?
  • How long should I mourn the loss of my cat?
  • Is it okay to grieve the loss of your cat?
  • Understanding grief and some models explaining the grieving process.
  • When should I get another cat?
  • Resources to help with grief.

I’ve lost six cats, and the grieving process has not been the same for any of them. They all had their own cat personalities. We all connected in a special but different way. Our relationships were somewhat different. But what they all had in common was:

It was painfully devastating.

Grieving the Loss of Y
Clyde was one of the six cats I’ve lost over the years. Grieving the loss of a cat never gets easier. It just is a little different for each one.
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