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Cat dividing line


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Cat dividing line
Cat dividing line

Cat dividing line
Cat dividing line

Community Cats Podcast affiliate

Paws recently signed up as an affiliate for the Community Cats Podcast, devoted to educating cat people about cats.

Their programs are very informative. We joined their affiliate program which means I get a small commission if you sign up here.When signing up for one of the programs, please use the code BBANGS

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Sounds like a dynamite line-up, and whether you have had or have heard about what happens to cats with feline leukemia, you won’t want to miss out on this important podcast. Don’t forget to register here, and use the affiliate code BBangs. This will help Paws be able to continue to bring your credible cat news year-round.

Paws wrote about this incredible Feline Leukemia conference last year, and this year, we are happy to let you know we have signed up as an affiliate for the Community Podcast Educational Programs. Follow this link to register, and put in the code BBangs. You might also sign up for some of their upcoming 2021 programs, including:

  • Online Return to Home Day (Sunday, September 12) *new for 2021!
  • Online Fundraising Day (Saturday, October 16)
  • Online Diversity Day (Sunday, October 17) *new for 2021!

Want access to our full 2021 lineup? Get the all-inclusive Community Cats Pass! For one flat rate, you will have access to past and future 2021 events. Don’t forget to include the affiliate code, BBangs to purchase. This will help Paws continue to share Great Content about our favorite topic: cats.