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Cat overpopulation pyramid, while not accurate portrays just how much of a national crisis cat overpopulation is 0

How many cats can come about from one cat? Take pause before throwing out the numbers

BJ Bangs How many cats can come about from one cat in 7 years? Can it really be 420,000 kittens? The numbers are exponential, but one needs to take pause when throwing out what the numbers because they may not be valid. It’s...

ASPCA logo 0

How does the ASPCA, dedicated to no-kill, work to help pets all over northern New England and beyond?

BJ Bangs What role does the American Society for Protection Against Animal Cruelty, (ASPCA) have in various states and regions, and what is their connection with local animal shelters? Paws for Reflection asked David Betournay, New England Federation President and Community Initiatives Director,...


Spay/Neuter will prevent explosive cat overpopulation

BJ Bangs March is Kitten Season It’s March, and kitten season is upon us. With longer and warmer days, cats and dogs instinctively start to mate and the cycle continues through fall and sometimes into the winter. The result: a lot of new...

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