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BJ Bangs recipient of 2017 Winn Feline Foundation Media Award

BJ Bangs knows cats matter, and this year, Paws for Reflection founder and author was honored with the 2017 Winn Feline Foundation Media Award, which recognizes journalists and editors who publicly support promote awareness of feline health.

This is a huge deal as Paws for Reflection is serious about cat issues, and educating people about feline health issues is one of our top priorities.

Vicki Thayer, DVM, DABVP (Feline) Executive Director of the Winn Feline Foundation, presented the award via video conference before over 450 people at BlogPaws 2017, thanking BJ for her tireless advocacy, supporting the health and well-being of all cats. Thayer commended BJ for her endless support to promote Feline Fix by Five Month’s initiative to have all cats spay/neutered by five-months.

BJ Bangs recipient of 2017 Winn Feline Foundation's 2017 Media Appreciation Award

BJ Bangs received the Winn Feline Foundation’s 2017 Media Appreciation Award at BlogPaws 2017. Pictured with her is Steve Dale, host of two nationally syndicated radio shows, and member of WFF Board of Directors.

BJ Bangs recipient of 2017 Winn Feline Foundation Media Award

BJ Bangs received 2017 Winn Feline Foundation Media Appreciation Award. Pictured with her is Vicki Thayer, Executive Director Winn Feline Foundation, center; and Teresa Keiger, editor of CFA’s Cat Talk and CFA judge.

BJ connected withSpay USA founder Esther Mechler, who spearheaded the Feline Fix by Five Month’s Initiative earlier this year, and is working on a media campaign to help spread the word to veterinarians and the general public about why early spay/neuter is so important. BJ has written a number of posts about cat overpopulation, and Feline Fix by Five could be revolutionary in helping reduce the numbers. By reducing the number of ‘oops’ litters, the number of kittens entering shelters could be dramatically curtailed.

BJ is thrilled to be recognized as she joins the ranks of some of the top feline writers in the country, including Steve Dale, pet columnist, host of two nationally syndicated radio shows, Steve Dale’s Pet World and The Pet Minute, who sits on the Winn Feline Foundations Board of Directors, and Amy Shojai, who has authored over 30 pet care books and one of the original founders of the International Cat Writers Association.



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Kitty in a suitcase

How many of you have had your kitty in a suitcase while you are trying to pack? For Paws, we are packing to go to the BlogPaws conference in Myrtle Beach, SC. We’ve signed up for the Pathfinder’s seminar with hopes of taking Paws for Reflection to a whole new level on the blogosphere.

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

This Sunday Selfies Blog Hop is being hosted by Cat on My Head

Today, we share our kitties in a suitcase on Kitty Blue’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. We ask that you visit all the pawsome blogs that are participating in today’s blog hop, and find out what their kitties have been up to this week.

Taking blogging to a whole new level

We’ve been blogging at Paws for Reflection for five years, and while we are very happy at bringing readers concrete info about cat health, rescue, and news, while sprinkling in some info about travel and humor, we need to get a bigger return on our time investment. We know this year’s Pathfinders seminar at BlogPaws will help us achieve that.

Since being accepted into the workshop, we have been the recipient of a lot of good karma. Not only have we met some dynamo fellow participants, we also have connected with the Fix Felines by Five initiative, and we know Esther Mechler of Miriam’s Dream is going to keep us accountable. We are looking forward to promoting this ever so important cause which can create a whole new status for cats. By having spa/neuter done before the first heat, it will reduce cat overpopulation by mega numbers. If there are less cats, it will elevate their status.Rather than being a dime a dozen, they can be valued for the special creatures they are.


Kitty in a suitcase

Little Yellow fits right into the suitcase next to the hairdryer.



Easter Fun for Kitties and new beginnings

Easter is full of fun stuff for kitties and their humans. We have Easter egg hunts, the Easter Bunny, Easter baskets full of goodies, family get-togethers, and for many the one time they may get all gussied up to go church once a year.

The Paws family is celebrating with some very cool Easter baskets and some fun plastic eggs, which the kitties are batting around to keep them amused. Today, we share some photos in the Kitty’s Blue’s, Cat on My Head Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. There are some awesome pet bloggers participating in this blog hop, and we invite you to go hop around.

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

This Sunday Selfies Blog Hop is being hosted by The Cat on My Head

Easter marks the beginning of Spring

Easter also marks the beginning of Spring, with crocuses popping up, the grass turning green, and warmer temperatures.

For many, including the kitties, it means, it won’t be long until we can open up the windows, let in fresh air, and let the kitties romp around the yard for a few hours of supervised fun while their human does her gardening and yard-work.

Easter fun for kitties

Kitties have fun checking out the Easter basket full of goodies.

Sanitary Butt Trim keeps do-do out of kitty's bum

Kitty Lenny has fun playing with the plastic Easter egg, even though no catnip is inside.



Paws for Reflection blog heading

Paws for Reflection analyzes blog

Work smarter – not harder. Paws for Reflection is adopting this advice in 2016.

That’s why we’ve spent a whole lot of time tying 3 years of work together, versus spending a whole lot of time creating new content.

Thanks to BlogPaws Challenge ‘Boost Your Blog 10K, we’re analyzing what works and what doesn’t.

Google Analytics is a must

Linking posts together helps reduce bounce rate

Linking posts together helps reduce bounce rate

In January, Paws spent over a week getting Google Analytics to work. It was pretty easy once we figured out getting a WordPress plugin for adding a header and footer was all we had to do. Personally, we prefer WordPress’ Jetpack to Google Analytics, but Google does have some advantages. It’s quite interesting to compare the results.

We figured out what our top posts are, and if you look at our sidebar, we’ve now included those posts. While the top 3 stay pretty much the same, the next 2 change almost daily. Who knew?

Linking related blog posts together

Linking posts that are related has been another huge task, and we will be continuing to work on that. We’ll also be working on maximizing the posts that are bringing in the most traffic.

This isn’t exciting stuff. It’s not learning more about cats, their health, and what makes them tick. But it’s absolutely vital. It’s vital to sticking to the adage: Work Smarter, Not Harder.



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cyber mondayToday is Cyber Monday, and mom just took advantage of a fantastic special – one that will hopefully get Paws for Reflection running at a much higher pace. She registered for the 2013 BlogPaws Conference in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia, something that promises to bring lots of sizzling info about blogging, pets, and more.

She’s hoping to find out lots more about BlogPaws’ recent affiliation with the Pet360 Media Network which combines digital shopping, content, community and professional advice with BlogPaws’ social media conferences, pet blogger community, pet blogger network, and marketing opportunities geared towards pet parents and pet bloggers.

Who is Pet360? According to the Pet360 website, they are dedicated to offering resources that make people become better pet parents. Founded in 1997, Pet360 has worked to bring people one click resources, a place where visitors can find information, trusted products and solid information. It’s also a place where pet parents can engage and connect, learn about brand safety alerts, find out about the latest trends and products, as well as order food and medications.

The Pet360 family of websites includes well known names like Pet360.com, PetMD, PetFoodDirect, DoggySpace, NationalPetPharmacy, and more.

With this newest affiliation, the 2013 BlogPaws Conference will bring more possibilities than ever. And Paws wants to make sure to get out their and connect with these new, exciting opportunities.

As for Paws, mom’s pet blogging brings lots of perks, ones that beat one more catnip toy, or feathered wand. Everything she learns goes to the benefit of her feline family. If she blogs about cat scratching posts – we benefit by getting a new post to review. She writes about our reactions to it, in addition to posting photographs of us using it.

If she blogs about a new book, she underlines pertinent information as it relates to our health and behavior, and then, incorporates it into our lifestyle.

If she blogs about a conference she’s attended, she brings back lots of information and goodies for us. (To tell you the truth, it’s better than Christmas to be greeted with a suitcase full of treats, toys and goodies).

While mum didn’t go beating down the doors for Black Friday price busters, she beat the crowd – going online a week early, looking to replace her laptop that recently slipped through her hands onto the floor at airport security. The result: a broken screen, a 17 inch one at that. Getting it fixed is a bit pricey, so she decided to go look for something new. After checking for Black Friday laptop specials, she decided to go to the computer superstore to see what it really looked like. She thought: Windows 8, more powerful processors, oodles of RAM, and other bells and whistles can leave your head spinning. What do you really need? What do you really want? She took the super trek to the store the weekend before Black Friday. The store didn’t have the exact model – but she discovered she would not have been happy with the advertised special. Price, though important, wasn’t everything. She wanted performance. She wanted speed, so she could spend more time writing, and less time moving pictures around. She decided to go with a super duper Toshiba with a 1.7-64 Quad processor. It’s also sturdy, so that if me or my fellow feline friends decide to walk over the keyboard a few too many times, it should stand paws-up to us.

Now mum is learning to use this new toy, and she’s a little persnickety about letting us hang out on it, at least for a week or so. Now that she’s gearing up for the 2013 Blog Paws Conference this spring, she’ll be checking out all it’s bells and whistles to make her blogging life a little easier.

And as for Black Friday, mom did go shopping – and bought two used winter ski jackets – something that’s a necessity for rural New England’s winters. As for us felines, she stocked up on lots of extra food in preparation for those upcoming winter snowstorms.

Did you go shopping for your or your pet friends on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? If so, share your experiences.


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