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FIP, fatal with no cure, most common in young cats like Tubby, can affect cats of any age with compromised immune systems

BJ Bangs FIP, Fatal with no cure FIP – Feline infectious peritonitis. It’s fatal with no cure, only palliative treatments. It’s hard to diagnose, and there are no vaccines yet available to prevent cats from contracting it. However, research is progressing, and we...

The little known fatal cat disease FIP strikes home 4

The little known fatal cat disease FIP strikes home

BJ Bangs While there are many dreaded words in the cat world, there’s none more devastating than having your cat diagnosed with FIP – Feline infectious peritonitis. I learned first hand about FIP about two years ago, when my two-year-old Tubby, a black...

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Holidays, a time for reflection on the importance of those we’ve loved

BJ Bangs Holidays and the beginning of a new year create a time of reflection, of renewal. So does news of loss, especially when you think it’s someone you just met and established some sort of relationship with – even though it was...

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