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FLenny, a feral kitten, learned everything from humans 4

Cats are hardwired to reproduce; stop feline overpopulation by spay/neuter

BJ Bangs February 23 is Spay Day USA Cats are hardwired to reproduce. They can go into heat every two weeks, and can a litter of kittens two to three times a year with up to six kittens in each litter, resulting in...

Spay/neuter is the best thing you can do for your cat. 3

February 2: the clock is ticking to cat mating season. Spay/neuter your cat today

BJ Bangs Snip, snip – oh what a relief it is! Spaying/neutering your feline makes them a much happier, healthier kitty. Today is February 2, and winter is officially half over, even though it might not look that way. Here in the Northeast,...

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