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Forgotten Felines of Maine 6

Maine’s Forgotten Felines’ feral kitty wins tons of awards and a new home at NauTICAts Cat Show

A feral kitten winning tons of awards at the NauTICAt’s  TICA (The International Cat Association’s) annual show in Augusta, Maine is quite a feat, and one of which she and those showing her should be very proud. The kitty angels from Maine’s Forgotten...


NauTICAts TICA Cat Show showcases beautiful coons, Savanahs, Bengals, Orientals and much more

Cat shows are both entertaining and educational. Every year TICA (The International Cat Association) sponsors the NauTICAts Cat Show, the largest cat show in the state. Maine Coon cats, Norwegian Forest Cats, Orientals, Sphinx, Bengals, including a marble Bengal, and even a Savannah...

Why do cats purr book cover 3

Maine Cats: Why Do Cats Purr teaches kids and adults how to make cats happy and purr

Why Do Cats Purr is a 24-page children’s book with a simple message – teaching kids of to take care of a cat, and take care of the cat in a way that will make kitty happy. If kitty is happy, they will...

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