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Cat overpopulation pyramid, while not accurate portrays just how much of a national crisis cat overpopulation is 0

How many cats can come about from one cat? Take pause before throwing out the numbers

BJ Bangs How many cats can come about from one cat in 7 years? Can it really be 420,000 kittens? The numbers are exponential, but one needs to take pause when throwing out what the numbers because they may not be valid. It’s...

Spay/neuter is the best thing you can do for your cat. 3

February 2: the clock is ticking to cat mating season. Spay/neuter your cat today

BJ Bangs Snip, snip – oh what a relief it is! Spaying/neutering your feline makes them a much happier, healthier kitty. Today is February 2, and winter is officially half over, even though it might not look that way. Here in the Northeast,...

Why don’t people spay/neuter their pets? 5

Why don’t people spay/neuter their pets?

BJ Bangs Pet writing allows me to research all kinds of various pet related issues. There’s probably no issue that is as blatant, and important, as overpopulation and why it’s so important to spay/neuter your pets. Overpopulation results in about four million cats...

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