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It is safer for kitty to be inside in winter. 20

April Fool’s Day: No more snow

BJ Bangs April Fool’s Day: No more snow The kitties and human at the Paws’ household have had enough of winter. April Fool’s Day kindly delivered another 4 inches of snow. Was that nature’s practical joke on us? That’s in addition to four-feet...

10 signs your cat has had a stroke 3

Cat finds new place to escape Polar Express

BJ Bangs Wordless Wednesday: Cat finds new place to escape Polar Express It’s March and spring is only a few days away. Yet, here in rural New England, it feels like January, with almost sub-zero temperatures. Here, Pink Collar has found a new...

Lenny, a feral kitten, learned everything from humans 6

Hypothermia & Frostbite serious threats to cats in winter

BJ Bangs Severe hypothermia can kill you pet. Frostbite can lead to serious damage to the ears, tail, or paws. Both are serious and if serious, require immediate veterinary care. The best treatment – make sure your cat stays inside, or if they...

Spay/neuter is the best thing you can do for your cat. 3

February 2: the clock is ticking to cat mating season. Spay/neuter your cat today

BJ Bangs Snip, snip – oh what a relief it is! Spaying/neutering your feline makes them a much happier, healthier kitty. Today is February 2, and winter is officially half over, even though it might not look that way. Here in the Northeast,...

Keep cats safe and inside in winter 1

Cats, like humans, get frostbite and hypothermia

BJ Bangs When the temperature drops below freezing (that’s below 32 degrees Fahrenheit), our domestic cats who stray outside and our feral friends who don’t have adequate shelter can get frost bite and hypothermia. Just last week,  there was a weather report citing...

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